Glacier was a planet in an unspecified planetary system, first explored and settled in the Amerikano era of interstellar colonisation.

While "Tanner Mirabel" was investigating on Yellowstone after his arrival to the planet, he asked Quirrenbach on his origins, with Quirrenbach claiming to be from Grand Teton. Mirabel then mentioned in his inner monologue that he had heard of the planet, along with other old Amerikano colonies, such as Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone itself and "two or three others he couldn't remember".[1]



  • The planet's name references mountain glaciers, a feature common in the North American as well as South American cordilleras (aside from other high alpine ranges throughout Earth). In modern day North America alone, there are three national parks with the moniker "Glacier National Park" - one in Canada, one in Alaska and one in the mainland US. Like many planet names from the Amerikano era of interstellar colonisation, it references North American geography, often scenic locations.

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