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Galiana was one of the most prominent founding members of the Conjoiners, a group that began on Mars and became linked with each other in a partial transhumanist collective consciousness through experimenting with interfacing their brains with nanotechnology and AI components. Galiana captured Nevil Clavain during the Conjoiner-Coalition war and held him captive on Mars for several months, but rather than the harsh treatment Nevil expected due to Coalition propaganda, Galiana attempted to befriend him and convince him of the Conjoiners' merits.

After being returned to his own faction after a ceasefire, Clavain was selected as a member of a two-person diplomatic team, along with Sandra Voi, sent to make peace with the Conjoiner. Unfortunately, his brother Warren had no intention of making peace, and Galiana was forced to enact her contingency plan to save her people, escaping aboard humanity's first lighthugger.

Centuries later, Galiana left on an interstellar exploration mission where she encountered the Inhibitors. The machines consumed her crew and invaded her mind, but not before she had plotted a course back to the Mother Nest and froze herself in a reefersleep casket.

Skade later stole the casket, which had made its way back to the Conjoiners, and attempted to hold it hostage; she reasoned that Galiana's lover, Clavain, would never risk hurting her. However, Clavain knew Galiana's mind -- what survived of it -- wished to die, and so he detonated pin-head munitions planted on Skade's ship by Scorpio, killing her.


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  • It is implied at the conclusion of Redemption Ark that Galiana saved an imprint of herself in the oceans of Ararat. This version is reunited with Clavain and Felka when the Pattern Jugglers absorb them in their entirety.
  • Like almost all Conjoiners, Galiana is only known under a single name. Her unusual name is probably meant to be the rarer variation of the fairly common Russian (and east Slavic) name Galina, itself a feminine cousin of the ancient Greek name Galen.