The Flotilla delta-winged shuttle was an auxilliary craft carried by the generation ships of the Flotilla.

A type of spaceplane with delta-shaped wings, they were used to ferry colonists and all necessary cargo from the Flotilla ships in orbit down to the surface of Sky's Edge, upon arrival to the planet.

They inadvertently played a role in shaping the central layouts of some of the oldest cities of the planetary colony. Many of the delta-winged shuttles were kept parked in a location that was surrounded by the initial base camps, as settlements were being established. Over time, some shuttles would stay in place for so long they were no longer airworthy and became landmarks, triangular-shaped town and city squares developing around them as a central feature (copying the roughly triangular shape of the shuttles).


Notes Edit

  • The name of this ship type is, of course, somewhat conjectural, as no official name is given.
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