The town of First Camp was the only major settlement on the planet Ararat, created on the shores of one of the few larger islands on the planet.

The settlement began merely as a dryland camp, consisting of some bubble tents. The more permanent town was then constructed over time to accomodate the rag-tag crew and refugee passengers of the Nostalgia for Infinity. The buildings and infrastructure of the town were mostly derived from technology available aboard the now-parked Nostalgia, as well as from strange structures left over on the planet by the Nestbuilders. These structures had the texture and appearance of a large conch, and their use reuse as building materials for the town gave its buildings a fairly oceanic look.

One of the tallest and largest structures of the town was the High Conch, a hundred meters high, which acted as the administrative centre and town hall of the colony. Law enforcement in First Camp was provided by the simply-titled Security Arm. Transport was mostly by sea and air, via various boats and smaller shuttles.

The settlers of First Camp consisted mainly of the refugees from Resurgam, as well as some of the former crew members of the Zodiacal Light, who became the new crew of the Nostalgia after a decision was taken to split up the two-strong fleet of the Nostalgia and the Zodiacal Light. Most of the inhabitants of First Camp were human (generally Yellowstone-born or Resurgam-born Demarchists), but there were also some hyperpig townsmen, including the Ararat-born descendants of some of the hyperpigs in the Zodiacal Light's crew.

Once Inhibitor activity reached Ararat's system, the Nostalgia was reactivated and many inhabitants of First Camp and Ararat set off for a new exodus. Some of the settlers decided to stay behind on the planet. The town and much of the planet's surface was apparently destroyed in the Inhibitor attack on Ararat.

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