Ferrisville was one of the smaller urban settlements on Yellowstone, other than Chasm City itself. It was named in honour of Marco Ferris, pioneer of Yellowstone colonisation and something of a historical and legendary figure to the Yellowstone Demarchists.

At the time H visited Yellowstone for the first time and boarded the Chasm City Zephyr, he learnt only one train a day left for Ferrisville or the other smaller cities.

H also notes that Ferrisville was Yellowstone's second largest city, but despite this, it was nowhere near as populous as the planet's more famous capital:

Yellowstone had only a handful of settlements even a tenth the size of Chasm City now; nothing equalling it. Even the second largest city, Ferrisville, was a township compared to the capital.
-excerpt from chapter Thirteen of Chasm City [1]

The city was known to implement the Ferrisville Convention, concerning spacecraft traffic regulations over Yellowstone.

The city's law enforcement included a "Ferrisville constabulary", but it is unclear whether this had anything to do with the Panoply or was an entirely different and purely local police force.

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Ferrisville is mentioned fairly often in various Revelation Space series stories, but never directly visited.

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  • Due to the pronunciation of the city's name in English and French, the name of the city seems to be a bit of a pun on the term Ferris wheel.

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  1. Chasm City (2001), chapter 13

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