Ferris marks are one particular type of currency in Chasm City, and possibly elsewhere on Yellowstone and in its vicinity. They appear to exist in both electronic and banknote form.

They are named in honour of Marco Ferris, a pioneer of Yellowstone settlement. Other local features bearing his name include the smaller city of Ferrisville and Yellowstone's moon, called Marco's Eye.

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The banknotes of Chasm City - probably Ferris marks but not confirmed by name - are described thusly:

Some money which felt truly unfamiliar to me: strangely textured banknotes with unfamiliar faces on them and surreal, random denominations. I had asked Amelia what they were.
"That's local money, Tanner. From Chasm City." She pointed to a man on one side of each bill. "That's Lorean Sylveste, I think. Or it could be Marco Ferris. It's ancient history, anyway."
"The money must have travelled from Yellowstone to Sky's Edge and then back again-it's at least thirty years old. Is it worth anything at all now?"
"Oh, a little. I'm no expert in these matters, of course, but I think this would be enough to get you to Chasm City. Not much more than that, though."

- excerpt from Chapter 7 of Chasm City [1]

Ferris marks are explicitly mentioned later, in a single example, and are indicated to be synonymous with the local banknotes:

I offered him half of another wad, cutting deep into the reserves I had taken from Zebra. "Maybe this will ease your troubles, Lorant. That's another ninety or hundred Ferris marks. Anything more, I might begin to suspect you were fleecing me."

- excerpt from Chapter 23 of Chasm City [2]

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