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Fand was a fairly obscure, little-mentioned planet, in the Lacaille 9352 planetary system.

It had at least one moon, known as Irravel's Moon.

One of the planet's native lifeforms was the Screech Mat.

RS Glossary entry[]

An Earthlike colony world around Lacaille 9352. Settled by Demarchists and Conjoiners.
- description from the official RS glossary [1]



  • The planet's name is based on a female character from Irish mythology.
  • The planet seems to be quite settled, given the mention in Chasm City of the "Fand-Yellowstone-Grand Teton run" being a lucrative lighthugger trade route, and several mentions of a Demarchy existing on the planet in Galactic North, including a local subdialect of Canasian. In the latter narrative, Irravel Veda's interstellar crossing between Fand and Yellowstone, aboard the passenger lighthugger (ramliner) Hirondelle, is said to be a "routine 17-year hop".


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