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Epsilon Eridani is the main star of the eponymous planetary system.

The system is home to one of the most densely settled, economically and culturally significant interstellar colonies of human-settled space, the planet Yellowstone and its vicinity.

Other major planets of the system include the gas giant Tangerine Dream.

Known celestial bodies[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Epsilon Eridani is one of the closer stars and planetary systems to Earth. This has made it a popular exoplanetary system to include in works of science fiction. (Reynolds' Revelation Space universe itself recognised as one of the major examples.)
  • Curiously, based on exoplanet research of the system by current astronomers, the (not entirely confirmed) exoplanet Epsilon Eridani b is a gas giant roughly the size of Jupiter, possibly slightly smaller or bigger. If more concrete data on the planet surfaces, it would be a real world equivalent to Reynolds' fictional gas giant Tangerine Dream.