Electric cars were various battery-powered ground vehicles used on certain planetary colonies of the Revelation Space universe.

The Dan Sylveste-led expedition to Resurgam used various wheeled electric automobiles for basic ground transport. By the time the principal settlement of the research colony on Resurgam had grown into the small city of Cuvier, many of these vehicles were in use for passenger and cargo services. Some were reserved as diplomatic vehicles for the local municipal/political leadership.

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The grey, small-windowed structures were linked by roadways, along which a few electric vehicles would normally be moving.
- excerpt from chapter 3 of Revelation Space, describing the streets of Cuvier [1]

They stepped into the sterile hush of the waiting car. The vehicle was adapted from one of the smaller surface exploration buggies, four balloon wheels at the extremities of its air-smoothed body, comms gear stowed in a matt-black hump on the roof. It was painted Inundationist purple, with Hokusai wave pendants mounted on the front.
- excerpt from chapter 5 of Revelation Space [2]

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  1. Revelation Space (2000), chapter 3
  2. Revelation Space (2000), chapter 5

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  • Volantor - A jet-assisted, flight-capable passenger car, used on Yellowstone and a few other planets.
  • Crawler - A larger, limbed, walking vehicle, operated on Resurgam in the manner of a reconnaissance truck.
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