Julius Devon Garlin Voi was a citizen of Chasm City on Yellowstone, born into the prestigious and wealthy Voi family.

For the sake of his own interests and political gains, in the two years since the events of the Aurora crisis, he became a self-appointed charismatic rabble-rouser for the citizens of the Glitter Band. Under the pseudonym Devon Garlin, he made public speeches to citizens of the various habitats, often starkly criticising the oversight of the Panoply, arguing that the Band's habitats have a right to move beyond the established Demarchist principles and Panoply scrutiny and declare independence or autonomy. He had a habit of stressing that the economic consequences of such a move would not prove too serious, with the movement of goods and services between the habitats not affected.

Prefect Tom Dreyfus had a great deal of rivalry with Garlin for his populist tactics, at one point even investigating him undercover, and subsequently attempting to expose him before the citizens of a habitat as a fraud. Dreyfus focused particularly on the lack of veracity in Garlin's claims of deep sympathy with the Band citizens, given that he neither grew up or lived in the Glitter Band, and came from one of the most affluent background in the entirety of the Epsilon Eridani system.


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