Demarchist military vessels was a larger type of interplanetary military vessel (akin to a capital ship), used mainly in the Epsilon Eridani system by the Yellowstone Demarchy during the 26th century. They seemed to be the largest military vessels available to the Demarchy at the time.

Demarchist military ships saw plenty of action in quelling Banshee pirate bands, but their greatest use was in a standard military role during the Conjoiner-Demarchist War of the later 26th century, all in the Epsilon Eridani system. Despite the efforts of the Demarchist fleets,

Nevil Clavain and a team of fellow Conjoiners visited the interior of a crippled, depressurized Demarchist ship at one point during the Conjoiner-Demarchist War, some time before Clavain's decision to defect from the Conjoiners.



  • No official name or specific classification is provided for this type of vessel, despite some level of description in Redemption Ark. It is unclear whether the ship could be dubbed a "cruiser", "frigate", whether it is related to the deep-system cruisers available to the Demarchists in the prior century (the 25th century) or an entirely different type of capital ship. Hence the rather generic name used for this ship type in this article.
  • Based on the description of this ship type's external hulls, this Demarchist design seems to share the design features of their prow/front - a claw-like shape - with a type of shuttle mentioned and seen in action later in the revelation Space series (e.g. in Absolution Gap). It is entirely conjectural whether this shared feature points to a "Demarchist design esthetic" for some ships, regardless of their size, or whether it might be a design feature shared by ship types built by a certain manufacturer.

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  • Deep-system cruiser - A similar, possibly related type of capital ship used by the Yellowstone Demarchy in their home system (during the 25th century, often in cooperation with the Panoply).
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