Deep Navigation
Deep Navigation
Author Alastair Reynolds
Publication date February 2010
April 2011
Pages 336
ISBN 978-1-886778-98-6, 1-886778-98-1

Deep Navigation is a collection of short stories by Alastair Reynolds. It was published in February 2010 for the 47th annual Boskone Science Fiction Convention where Reynolds was the Guest of Honour. All the stories published in this anthology had been published previously, but several of them had been out of print for several years, including his first ever published story "Nunivak Snowflakes". "Monkey Suit" is the only short story in the collection that's set in the Revelation Space universe.

Contents Edit

  • Introduction by Stephen Baxter
  • "Nunivak Snowflakes"
  • "Monkey Suit"
  • "The Fixation"
  • "Feeling Rejected"
  • "Fury"
  • "Stroboscopic"
  • "The Receivers"
  • "Byrd Land Six"
  • "The Star Surgeon's Apprentice"
  • "On the Oodnadatta"
  • "Fresco"
  • "Viper"
  • "Soirée"
  • "The Sledge-Maker's Daughter"
  • "Tiger, Burning"

Notes Edit

  • Cover art by John Picacio, with cover design by Alice N. S. Lewis.

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