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The Conjoiner Evacuation Fleet was a collection of twelve lighthuggers (thirteen including the diminutive prototype, Nightshade) that were constructed -- primarily by Skade -- after the threat of the Inhibitors was fully understood and the Conjoiner-Demarchist War was all but won. The armada was built not to fight the "wolves", but to successfully evade them; designed with state-of-the-art "quiet" Conjoiner Drives, cryo-arithmetic engines lining the inner hull, heavy relativistic weapons, extensive on-board manufacturing capabilities, and inertia-suppression machinery.

A hollowed-out snowball of a comet roughly 7-8 kilometres in size, layered with a protective skein and spun gently to provide some gravity, was where the fleet was constructed. Occasionally a Closed Council operative would visit the site for updates, but apart from that it was entirely automated. Servitors, under the ultimate guidance of an artificial intelligence named the Master of Works, were the only source of labor utilised.

It was the existence of such a fleet, clearly built to allow the Conjoiners to run from the conflict with the Inhibitors, that finally persuaded Nevil Clavain to defect to the Demarchists, retrieve the cache weapons, and give more traditional veins of humanity a fighting chance.

During the battle in the Delta Pavonis system between a splinter force of the fleet and the Clavain-captained Nostalgia for Infinity one of the ships was destroyed and two more heavily damaged once cache weapons were deployed against them.