The Moray-class corvette was a smaller manned military spacecraft, utilised by the military of the Conjoiners faction.

They were used as in-system interplanetary patrol craft and defence craft, including in the ongoing political and military tensions and eventual warfare in the Epsilon Eridani system, between the Conjoiner colonies and the Demarchist hub around Yellowstone. Though smaller warships, they were equipped with powerful weapon systems, often strong enough to equal even the weaponry and defences of Demarchist system cruisers and other larger vessels.

When Nevil Clavain decided to defect from the Conjoiners, dissatisfied over the direction Skade's leadership was headed in, he used a Moray-class corvette to approach Demarchist space, then intentionally stranded himself in space in a spacesuit, and sent the corvette back to the nearest Conjoiner ship, on autopilot. Despite risking his life due to the prolonged stay in space, running out of his air supply even after using his Conjoiner abilities, he was eventually picked up in time by Storm Bird and its crew, based on a tenuous deal Clavain established with Antoinette Bax and Xavier Liu.

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  • The Moray-class is one of the few Revelation Space universe spacecraft types that are known by a specific official name. (Most spaceships, small or big, are only described.)
  • The name of the class references Moray eels, a family of large oceanic predatory eels, with multiple genera and many species.
  • Historically, corvettes were smaller sailships used for patrolling coastal seas, but larger and more powerfully equipped than coastal patrol boats. The trend has continued into the modern day, when modern corvettes can serve a variety of general and specialised roles in non-oceanic patrol and defence. As an archetype of a hypothetical space warship, designs labelled as "corvettes" have also often appeared in various science fiction media (e.g. the Homeworld game series).

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