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The Conjoiner-Demarchist War was a long-term period of hostilities in the Epsilon Eridani system during the 26th century, between the Yellowstone Demarchists (centered around the planet and the Rust Belt) and the Conjoiner colonies deeper in the system (centered around the Mother Nest base).

The war errupted after a gradual build-up of tensions between the Demarchists and the Conjoiners in the system, in the aftermath of the Melding Plague catastrophe on Yellowstone and the now-former Glitter Band, which occured in 2510.

The Banshees, space pirates lurking in the more remote parts of the Rust Belt and deeper in the system, used the less stable wartime situation to their advantage, attacking various, mostly civilian space vessels.

Narratively, the war forms a partial backdrop of the novel Redemption Ark. Inhibitor trilogy of novels.