The Coalition for Neural Purity was a faction that existed around the year 2190, formed after Galiana created the Conjoiners. As its name implies, the Coalition For Neural Purity regarded artificial brain implants as abominations. It also vehemently opposed genetic enhancement of intelligence in animals. Due to its disavowal of such technologies, the Coalition soon fell scientifically well behind the Demarchists and the Conjoiners.

The Coalition fought the Conjoiners in a war across the Sol system, in which Clavain and John Brannigan fought for the Coalition (although both eventually defected). The Demarchists remained ostensibly neutral in the conflict, but were secretly allied with the Conjoiners. Weaponry used included robotic worms that could self repair and eat opponents, as well as bio-weapons and advanced suits that appeared to use nanotechnology.

The Coalition was eventually victorious in the war and forced the Conjoiners to remain on Mars, trapped by a satellite defense network. However, the Conjoiners eventually escaped Mars by hollowing out one of Mars' moons and creating the first lighthugger in its core, which subsequently left the solar system. The fate of the Coalition after this is unknown.

RS Glossary entry Edit

Coalition for Neural Purity: An amalgamation of conservative states opposed to mind augmentation technologies.
- description from the official RS glossary [1]

Notes Edit

  • It is alluded to in Redemption Ark that the Coalition no longer exists by the time the main events in the series take place.


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