Celestine was a citizen of Chasm City on Yellowstone. She was the ex-wife of Richard Swift and participated in the expedition to the Blood Spire on Golgotha.

Personal history Edit

Relatively little is noted about Celestine's life before she joined the expedition to the Blood Spire on Golgotha, organised by Swift's old friend Roland Childe.

At some point in her past, Celestine underwent Pattern Juggler neural transforms that left her with a brilliant capacity at mathematics.

Celestine had been married to Richard for several years, but after their divorce, he conditioned himself to mostly forget about her. He could still recall her name and found her instantly familiar when they met again during their visit to Childe's estate, but couldn't identify her face right away. Celestine reintroduced herself to Swift and seemed somewhat disappointed he had half-forgotten her, despite years of marriage.

Swift and Celestine ultimately decided to follow Childe and the rest of his team to Golgotha, aboard the lighthugger Apollyon.

Appearances Edit

Adaptations Edit

In the 2017 theatrical adaptation of Diamond Dogs (by the House Theatre, Chicago), Celestine was portrayed by Katherine Keberlein.

Notes Edit

  • Her surname (family name), whether pre-marital or during her marriage to Swift, is not mentioned.
  • Celéstine is a fairly frequent feminine name of French origin, derived from the Latin caelestis, "heavenly". The male form of the name is Celéstin.
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