Castellano is one of the future human languages of the Revelation Space universe.

Originating among the Flotilla settlers of Sky's Edge, the only exoplanet colonised by humans via generation ship, the language is referred to mainly in connection with the planet, or with people born on the planet.

It isn't the only language used on Sky's Edge, but often plays the largest role of these in the individual narratives of the Revelation Space series. However, it is a rarer used language.

Linguistic characteristics Edit

The grammar and lexical basis of Castellano is intended to be primarily based on South American forms of Spanish, particularly Chilean Spanish. However, the language might be more standardised to be closer in line with an international standard of Spanish.

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History Edit

Most of the information on the language appears in the novel Chasm City.

Notable speakers Edit

Castellano is spoken primarily by certain groups of settlers on Sky's Edge, mostly those with South American ancestry. It is noted that many people also use Norte, especially for communication with interstellar traders visiting the planet aboard lighthuggers. Norte itself includes a great deal of Spanish elements, but is predominantly derived from English, meaning that there is a degree of difficulty in learning Norte for the locals. This particular detail is even noted a few times in the narrative of Chasm City.

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Notes Edit

  • Archived discussion on RSU languages at The Juggler & The Shrouder fan forums (now defunct)
  • In the contemporary world, "Castilian" is a moniker commonly used to denote the European form of Spanish, or a more standardised form of Spanish from a Spanish-speaking, usually South American country. This hints at Castellano being a more standardised form of some South American variety of Spanish (presumably Chilean, given the role of the Santiago).


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  • Norte - A future derivative of North American English and American Spanish. More prominent in the early centuries of interstellar colonisation attempts, but still the dominant language of common communication.
  • Russish - A future creole of English and Russian. Seems to be the mother tongue of some Ultras, such as Ilia Volyova.
  • Canasian - The most prominent future language of the setting, used particularly by the Demarchists of Yellowstone and their colonies, but also in interstellar commerce.
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