K. C. Ng, known under the nickname Case, was a citizen of Chasm City and an associate of Ana Khouri during her prolonged stay on Yellowstone.

Case was a hermetic, a resident of Yellowstone whose implants had been attacked by the Melding Plague, forcing him to spend much of his post-Plague life concealed in a palanquin. His personal palanquin was equipped with a green-tinted visor window.


Notes Edit

  • Though they share the same family name, it's unclear whether "Case" is in any way related to prefect Thalia Ng from the Panoply spinoff novels, set decades before the Melding Plague occured. Ng is a common Chinese surname in Cantonese (one of the languages that the fictional Canasian is based on).
  • Case's nickname seems to be a pun on his first and middle initials and the fact that, as a hermetic, he has to inhabit a literal metal, motorised case.
  • The character's nickname might be Reynolds' nod to Henry Dorsett Case, the antihero protagonist of William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy of cyberpunk novels.
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