Carousel New Brazilia was one of the carousel orbital habitats orbiting Yellowstone, as part of the Glitter Band in the 25th century and the Rust Belt in the 26th century, during the planet's post-2510, post-Plague era.

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In the 25th century, specifically in 2427, Carousel New Brazilia was one of the Glitter Band's orbital habitats that were embroiled in the Second Clockmaker Crisis.

In the 26th century, the main community of Carousel New Brazilia was known as Rimtown.

One of the public facilities in the carousel at that time was the bar The Juggler and the Shrouder.

It was at this bar that Ilia Volyova met with Ana Khouri in 2546, offering her recruitment to the crew of her home ship, the Nostalgia for Infinity. [1]

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