Cahuella lived on Sky's Edge in a renovated zoological compound called the Reptile House. From there he sold weapons to both sides involved in the planet's civil war, which led to a bounty being placed on him for war crimes. Cahuella was fascinated by snakes and reptiles, and aimed to capture an adult hamadryad to keep in the Reptile House, undertaking frequent hunting trips to achieve this aim. He also had snake genes inserted into his eyes by the Ultra crew of the Orvieto to be able to hunt any creature in the dark on equal terms, as well as venom glands and fangs.

In Chasm City it was told how he hired Tanner Mirabel to provide an expert level of security for himself and his wife, Gitta. However, Gitta was accidentally killed by Mirabel when she was taken hostage in a revenge attempt by Argent Reivich, an aristocrat whose family was killed with weapons sold by Cahuella. In his grief, Cahuella trawls Tanner's memories in order to elude warrants out for his arrest and pursue Reivich off-world, and then tortures Mirabel by having him eaten alive by a near adult hamadryad (despite the fact that all terran species are poisonous to hamadryads).

Toward the conclusion of Chasm City, we discover that Cahuella is in fact the immortal Sky Haussmann, the eponymous catalyst of the civil war on Sky's Edge, who slept in reefersleep whilst his decoy was crucified. He took the name Cahuella from the legend of the Caleuche, a mythic ghost ship that was part of his Flotilla.

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