A brezgatnik was a Russish term for a particular subset of Ultranauts who did not modify and augment their bodies with various implants, medichines or other technologies. They tended to stand out among other Ultranauts, given the faction's well-known penchant for extensive (and sometimes extreme) bodily modification.

Notable "brezgatniks" Edit

Etymology and meaning Edit

  • The contemporary Russian verb брезговать (brezgovat) means "to be squeamish", "act squeamishly". This seems to be the origin of the fictional Ultranaut term, with a brezgatnik being a "squeamish person", an Ultra perceived as too squeamish to undergo bodily modification.
  • Some other Slavic languages have verbs with closely related meanings, e.g. the Slovak brýzgať, meaning "to pester someone", "make fun of someone".

Notes Edit

  • With the above in mind, in the story Weather, the titular Conjoiner asks Inigo if he is too squeamish an Ultra to have any implants installed into his body. This seems like a nod at the meaning of the Ultranaut term, even though it is not said out loud.
  • Ilia Volyova is the only Ultranaut in the series to explicitly refer to the term and to herself as an example of the term.

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