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Aura was a human conceived by Ana Khouri moments before entering the Hades Matrix. Because of this, she was implanted with numerous advanced technologies and weapons by the beings inside of it (including, at least, Dan Sylveste). These technologies were given to Remontoire via Khouri and included hypometric weaponry, bladder-mines, free-force bubbles, camouflage screens, dark drives, and miniaturized cryo-arithmetic engines. She was also given knowledge of the existence of theshadows.

Taken from Khouri's womb by Skade, she was eventually recovered by Scorpio and her mother, though at the cost of Nevil Clavain. She lived nine years aboard the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity before leaving the ship for the planet Hela. Sent as a sleeper agent under the alias Rashmika Els, she was seventeen before her mission was complete and she made contact with the shadows.