Argent Reivich was a former member of the Sky's Edge aristocracy, before leaving the system and fleeing to Yellowstone.

The majority of his family was killed by terrorists who acquired their weapons by ambushing clients of the arms merchant Cahuella. In Reivich's mind, this made Cahuella ultimately responsible for their deaths, and he planed to enact revenge by sending a kill team towards Cahuella's stronghold: the Reptile House. With help from the Ultra lighthugger Orvieto, Argent coordinated an ambush and killed Cahuella's men (and, unintentionally, his wife). After realizing that such an act would bring retribution, Reivich used his contacts in the Orvieto to book passage to Yellowstone, where extended family (and thus influence) still existed.

Once awoken from reefersleep, Reivich immediately headed to Refuge, a kilometre-long space station used for neural scanning and the creation of alpha-level simulation. Unfortunately, aware that individuals were after him he opted to undergo the quicker yet far more invasive scanning procedure; which ultimately failed to produce a viable copy and proved to be lethal.

In the little time he had left Argent orchestrated a deadly meeting between Tanner Mirabel and Tanner Mirabel, which saw him killed by the latter.

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