Antoinette Bax was the owner/operator of the Storm Bird, a freight hauler in the Epsilon Eridani system.

Personal history[edit | edit source]

After completing her father's last wish of being buried in Tangerine Dream's atmosphere, she and her ship were saved from being crushed in the gas giant's gravity by a random act of kindness from Conjoiner Nevil Clavain, who redirected a tractor rocket to pull her free and nudge her towards Yellowstone.

She later repaid that debt, retrieving Clavain from space after his defection, fighting off banshee marauders, and delivering him safely to the Rust Belt, along with the help of her co-worker and boyfriend Xavier.

Antoinette was later recruited by Clavain to park Storm Bird inside the lighthugger Zodiacal Light and travel through interstellar space to Resurgam; after which she and her ship participated in the brief battle against Triumvir Volyova. From there, she joined the Nostalgia for Infinity and journeyed to Ararat.

When the Nostalgia for Infinity left Ararat, Antoinette and her husband Xavier chose to remain behind on the planet and was thus caught in the Inhibitor bombardment.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is implied that the Pattern Jugglers may have absorbed her into the ocean before the bombardment commenced.

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