Abdul Hegazi was an Ultra crew member of the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity. He was a heavily augmented chimeric, and had little-to-no experience on any environment not built by human hands.

Personal history Edit

Hegazi was a member of the Triumvirate that ruled the Nostalgia for Infinity during Captain Brannigan's illness. In practice, however, Sajaki captained the vessel, with Hegazi as his lackey.

During the Battle of Cerberus Ilia Volyova, the third Triumvir, and her partner, Ana Khouri, mutinied and seized control of the vessel. After injuring Sajaki, the pair temporarily placed the untrustworthy Hegazi in a secure airlock. Unfortunately, Sun Stealer, after confirming the departure of Dan Sylveste for Cerberus, filled the airlock with ship-slime, killing him; with its mission nearly complete, the humans remaining aboard Infinity were variables that needed to be eliminated.



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